Francesco Hayez Italy

2-10-1791 Venice, ITA – 12-21-1882 Milan, ITA

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Hayez, Francesco

Francesco Hayez came from a relatively poor family from Venice. From childhood he showed a predisposition for drawing. Later he became a student of the painter Francesco Maggiotto with whom he continued his studies for three years.

He was admitted to the painting course of the New Academy of Fine Arts in 1806, where he studied under Teodoro Matteini. In 1809 he won a competition from the Academy of Venice for one year of study at the Accademia di San Luca in Rome.

Francesco Hayez lived long and was prolific. His output spanned both historic paintings, including those that would have appealed to the patriotic sensibility of his patrons.

One of his favorite themes was a semi-clothed female. Often they were, like his Odalisque, evocative of oriental themes, which had been a favorite topic of Romantic painters. The depictions of harems and their women allowed them the ability to paint scenes not acceptable in their society.

Among Francesco Hayez works, his painting The Kiss was considered among his best work by contemporaries, and has only gained in esteem since then.

Assessment of the career of Hayez is complicated by the fact that he often did not sign or date his works.

Movement: Romanticism
Influences: Francesco Maggiotto, Teodoro Matteini
Influenced: Angelo Pietrasanta, Carlo Belgioioso, Amanzio Cattaneo, Angelo Pietrasanta, Alessandro Focosi, Francesco Valaperta
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