Ferdinand Du Puigaudeau France

4-4-1864 Nantes, FRA - 9-19-1930 Croisic, FRA

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As a young boy, Ferdinand du Puigaudeau was close to his uncle Henri de Chateaubriant, who encouraged his artistic pursuits. His education was traditional and he studied at various boarding schools from Paris to Nice. In 1882, du Puigaudeau travelled to Italy, then to Tunisia, and taught himself to paint.

Ferdinand du Puigaudeau's distinctive impressionistic style is evident in his variations of color and depictions of light. Throughout his career, Puigaudeau maintained a systematic search for vivid, luminous color. In each case, the fleeting effects of light and color are his true subject: sunsets, candlelight, and the effects of flickering sun or moonlight on water.

In 1886, Puigaudeau went to Pont-Aven, well known for all painters, where he befriended Charles Laval and Gauguin. Their relationship is particularly close since 1887 when they planned together to go to Panama and Martinique. Puigaudeau, called Piccolo by Gauguin, couldn't join his friends, instead he had to join the army.

Three years later Ferdinand du Puigaudeau visited Belgium and there met the artists James Ensor, Toorop, Vogels and the sculptor Constantin Meunier. In 1890, he presented his canvases for the first time at the Salon de la Societé Nationale des Beaux-Arts.

In 1895 the family settled in Pont-Aven. Puigaudeau met Armand Seguin, the poet Ernest Dowson, and the American painter Childe Hassam. In 1897 Degas purchased his "Fireworks", and since then they had enjoyed a long friendship. The two painters exchanged letters throughout their lives. In 1903, he held his first solo exhibition at the Galerie des Artistes Modernes, a small catalog is published for the occasion. In 1904, the artist broke off his relationship with Durand-Ruel and left for Venice, where Ferdinand du Puigaudeau painted more than 50 canvases on the subject.

On his return to Paris, the artist found himself in a critical financial situation. In 1919 he began to prepare an exhibition in New York, and worked on it for four years, but it was cancelled at the last minute. This failure had dire repercussions and he fell into a state of depression and alcohol abuse.

Art Movement: Post-Impressionism
Traveled: Italy, Tunisia, Belgium
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