Everett Shinn USA

11-6-1876 Woodstown, USA - 5-1-1953 New York, USA

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Shinn, Everett

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At age 15 Everett Shinn was enrolled at the Spring Garden Institute in Philadelphia, where he studied mechanical drawing. The following year he took classes at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and by age 17 was working as a staff artist for the Philadelphia Press. Most art historians, as well as Everett Shinn himself, consider his employment by the Philadelphia Press the true beginning of his art career. He was entering the field of newspaper illustration in its heyday, and he was a draftsman of great facility. Shinn moved from paper to paper for the rest of his illustrating career, receiving a larger salary with each move.

In 1900, he traveled to Europe to allow him an opportunity to study other painters and to prepare to produce enough work for another exhibition. The trip influenced his art in years to come; he was especially taken with Impressionism and European art that focused on depictions of the theater.

It was during Everett Shinn's time in Philadelphia that artists Robert Henri, John Sloan, and Joseph Laub established the Charcoal Club as an informal alternative art school. The group, which included Henri, Sloan, Shinn, and fellow illustrators and would-be painters like William Glackens and George Luks, reached a peak membership of thirty-eight, is often thought of a point of origin for what became known as the Ashcan school of American art.

His best works effectively capture a slice of American urban life in the first years of the twentieth century, in both a realist and a romantic spirit, and Everett Shinn most ambitious paintings (The London Hippodrome, The Orchestra Pit: Old Proctor's Fifth Avenue Theater) are among the greatest theater-inspired images in American art.

Art Movement: Ashcan School, Realism
Traveled: France, England
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