Eva Gonzalès France

4-19-1849 Paris, FRA – 5-6-1883 Paris, FRA

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Gonzalès, Eva

Eva Gonzalès was presented by Alfred Stevens to Edouard Manet, she entered his studio in 1869 and met Berthe Morisot who was jealous of her friendship with the master. Eva frequently served as a model for members of the Impressionist school. She received the praises of Émile Zola and Jules-Antoine Castagnary. She is admitted to the Salon of 1870 where she shows L'Enfant de troupe, where the influence of the Fife Player of Édouard Manet is felt. At the same Salon, Manet presents the Portrait of Eva Gonzales, which he has just finished, in which she is depicted sitting depicting a still life. 

Like her teacher, Édouard Manet, she never exhibited with the Impressionist painters in their controversial exhibitions in Paris, but she is considered part of the group because of her painting style. She was Manet's only formal student and modeled frequently for several members of the Impressionist school. Gonzalès posed for Manet in 1869 for the painting "Portrait of Mlle Gonzalès".

While studying under Manet, Eva Gonzalès self-portraits suggest she was exploring her individuality and identity as an artist by presenting subtle correctives to Manet's version of her. Until 1872, she was strongly influenced by Manet but later developed her own, more personal style.

During the Franco-Prussian War she sought refuge in Dieppe.

She married the graphic artist Henri Guérard in 1879, Eva Gonzales sometimes took her husband, and very often her younger sister, Jeanne Gonzales, as subjects for several of her paintings, as well as her mother, a musician.

Eva Gonzalès career was cut short when she died in childbirth at the age of thirty-four, exactly six days after the death of her teacher, Manet.

Art Movement: Impressionism
Influences: Charles Chaplin, Édouard Manet
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