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3-7-1802 London, ENG - 10-1-1873 London, ENG

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Landseer, Edwin Henry

Edwin Henry Landseer was taught by his father to sketch animals from life. From the age of thirteen, he exhibited at the Royal Academy and became one of the most fashionable painters in the mid-Victorian period. Specializing in pictures of dogs with humanoid expressions and deer, usually set in misty, romantic highland glens or moorland made popular by the novels of Sir Walter Scott and Queen Victoria's passion for Balmoral.

Landseer's paintings attained even wider prominence as a result of the fine engravings of them produced by his brother Thomas. One of the Queens favorite artists, he was knighted in 1850. He modeled the four lions, cast in bronze, which sit at the foot of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square, London, unveiled in 1867.

So popular and influential were Edwin Henry Landseer's paintings of dogs in the service of humanity, that the name Landseer came to be the official name for a variety of Newfoundland dog. The paintings combine the Victorian conception of childhood with the appealing idea of noble animals devoted to humankind as in Saved.

In his late 30s Edwin Henry Landseer suffered what is now believed to be a large nervous breakdown, and for the rest of his life was troubled by recurring bouts of melancholy, hypochondria, and depression, often aggravated by alcohol and drug use.

At his death, Edwin Henry Landseer left behind three unfinished paintings: Finding the Otter, Nell Gwynne at the Tavern, and The Dead Stag, all on easels in his studio. It was his dying wish that his friend John Everett Millais should complete the paintings, and this he did.

Landseer's posthumous reputation was dented by accusations of sentimentalizing animals and, in more recent years, of political incorrectness in glorifying blood sports, but he wielded enormous influence on a later generation of British artists.

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