Cornelius Krieghoff Canada

6-19-1815 Amsterdam, NED - 4-8-1872 Chicago, USA

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Krieghoff, Cornelius

Cornelius Krieghoff was born in Amsterdam. He was initially taught by his father and then entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Germany about 1830. He moved to New York in 1836, and enlisted in the United States Army in 1837. While in the army, he made sketches of the Second Seminole War from which he later produced oil paintings. He was discharged from the army on May 5, 1840. Together with his wife Émilie Gauthier, he moved to Montreal around 1846. While in Montreal, he befriended the Mohawks living on the Kahnawake Indian Reservation and made many sketches of them from which he later produced oil paintings.

Cornelius Krieghoff traveled to Paris in 1844, where he copied masterpieces at the Louvre under the direction of Michel Martin Drolling. The Krieghoffs returned to Montreal in 1846, and in 1847 he was invited to participate in the first exhibition of the Toronto Society of Arts. He and his family moved to Quebec City in 1853. He returned to Europe in 1854, visiting Italy and Germany. In 1855, he returned to Canada. He lived in Europe from 1863 to 1868 and then moved to Chicago to retire.

On 29 November 1972 Canada Post issued 'Cornelius Krieghoff, painter, 1815-1872' based on a painting "The Blacksmith's Shop" (1871). On 7 July 2000 Canada Post issued 'The Artist at Niagara, 1858, Cornelius Krieghoff' in the Masterpieces of Canadian art series.

The auction record for a painting by Cornelius Krieghoff is $158,350. This record was set by Caughnawaga Indians at Camp sold May 29, 2007.

Movement: Romanticism
Influences: Michel Martin Drolling
Traveled: Germany, Canada, France, Italy
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