Cornelis De Vos Netherland

1584 Antwerp, BEL – 5-9-1651 Antwerp, BEL

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De Vos, Cornelis

Cornelis de Vos joined the guild of Saint Luke in 1608 at the age of twenty-four, later serving as its dean in 1628. When he became a citizen of Antwerp in 1616 he listed his occupation as an art dealer.

He painted mythological, biblical and history scenes, still lifes and, in the late 1620s, some monumental genre paintings.

His style closely follows that of Anthony van Dyck and, to a lesser extent, Peter Paul Rubens. De Vos worked frequently as a collaborator with Rubens. De Vos' two paintings joined the 13 paintings made by these other painters in Antwerp's church of St. Paul where they were to flank Caravaggio's Madonna of the Rosary, which was placed in the church in 1620. While de Vos' collaborations with Rubens on projects in the 1630s appear not to have influenced his style, they did influence his technique.

In 1635, Cornelis de Vos assisted Rubens on the joyous entry of Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand, a project for which he painted twelve royal portraits to Rubens's designs. Between 1636 and 1638 he worked again for Rubens, along with his brother Paul in decorating the Torre de la Parada, a hunting lodge of Philip IV of Spain near Madrid.

While Cornelis de Vos was one of Antwerp's leading portrait painters in the first half of the 17th century, he was also a sought-after painter of history pieces. In particular after circa 1635, de Vos, a successful art dealer, likely realized the growing demand for history paintings in the local and international market. From that date onwards he realized history paintings of a greater diversity in subject matter while his portrait production declined.

Cornelis de Vos often collaborated with colleagues as was common in Antwerp at the time: he painted the staffage in still lifes by Frans Snyders and in return Snyders and his brother Paul painted the fruit, animals, silver plate and armor in his own work.

Art Movement: Baroque
David Remeeus, Paul Rubens
France, Spain
Jan Cossiers, Alexander Daemps, Simon de Vos
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