Charles Henri Joseph Leickert Belgium

9-22-1816 Brussels, BEL – 12-5-1907 Mainz, GER

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Leickert, Charles Henri Joseph

From a very early age Charles Henri Joseph Leickert showed a flair for his subject and was soon apprenticed to learn how to draw and paint.  Charles Leickert was taught by three Masters, all of whom, in their subject and medium, were amongst the best painters in Holland of their day.  He was a pupil of J B van Hove, Nuijen and Andreas Schelfhout. The latter influenced him perhaps the most. They all taught Leickert the way to draw in the most meticulous detail and Andreas Schelfhout, who was probably the greatest Master in Holland at that time, taught him the use of color.

Charles Henri Joseph Leickert evolved throughout his life and from having a very traditional and tight style of the latter 18th Century, his last pictures began to show the influence of the French impressionist movements and were very much looser but still showing the obvious influence of the Dutch Romantic School.

He is known to have worked in The Hague between 1841 and 1848.  He worked in Amsterdam, Mainz, and Nieuwer Amstel.  He also exhibited, three times in Brussels.  His returns to Brussels often for important Exhibitions and for several important commissions.
In 1836 a painting in an Amsterdam exhibition received great recognition and during his life several of his works found their way to Great Britain and into private collections throughout Northern Europe.

Charles Henri Joseph Leickert is considered to be one of finest painters of the Dutch Romantic School and is highly collectable.

Art Movement: Romanticism
Influences: Bartholomeus van Hove, Wijnand Nuijen, Andreas Schelfhout
Traveled: Netherlands, Germany

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