Blaise Alexandre Desgoffe France

1-17-1830 Paris, FRA – 5-2-1901 Paris, FRA

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Desgoffe, Blaise Alexandre

Blaise Alexandre Desgoffe was a French painter who specialized in meticulously finished still-life paintings. He was the nephew of the painter Alexandre Desgoffe. Desgoffe began his formal training at the Beaux-Arts Academie with Hippolyte Flandrin.

He exhibited at the Paris Salons from 1857 to 1868. He was awarded one of Frances’ most coveted honors into the Légion d’honneur in 1878. He was awarded a third-class medal in 1861 and a second-class medal in 1863. He was awarded a silver medal at the Exposition Universelle of 1900.

Blaise Alexandre Desgoffe had an incredible ability to paint elaborate gold jewelry, crystal, military armaments draped in silks and tapestries from the Renaissance. Most of his work in the 1860s seems to have been based on 16th-century objects in the Louvre. His ego was just as great and he did not waste time telling everyone of his greatness. This was a fault and it made him very difficult to study under. However, Desgoffe had an incredible influence on still life painting in the United States.

In fact, "Ease, 1878" (a brick-a-brac still life known only from photograph because it was destroyed by fire) by William Michael Harnett, one America’s greatest tromp l’oeil still life painters, was the closest he ever came to answering the critics call for an American Desgoffe. William Merritt Chase’s bric-a-brac still lifes were also somewhat influenced by Blaise Alexandre Desgoffe.

Art Movement: Realism
Influences: Hippolyte Flandrin

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