Bernardo Strozzi Italy

3-1581 Genoa, ITA – 8-2-1644 Venice, ITA

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Strozzi, Bernardo

Bernardo Strozzi, called the Cappuccino or Prete Genovese, was an Italian painter and religion of the seventeenth century. It is considered one of the most important and prolific exponents of Italian Baroque painting.

Bernardo Strozzi signature style was initially characterized by the use of intense colors thesis to constitute a well-defined structural element than the pictorial representation.

In his career, Bernardo Strozzi also worked in Venice and was able to meet the new artistic influences, mainly derived from the work of Paolo Veronese, able to better focus on the aspect of pure scenery of the work that was taking place .

In 1598, at the age of 17, Bernardo Strozzi joined a Capuchin monastery, a reform branch of the Franciscan order. When his father died c. 1608, he left the order to care for his mother, earning their living with his paintings, which were often influenced by Franciscan teachings. In 1625, he was charged with illegally practicing as a painter. When his mother died c. 1630, Bernardo was pressured in court by the Capuchins to re-enter the order. He was briefly imprisoned in Genoa, and upon release fled to Venice to avoid confinement in a monastery in 1631. He became nicknamed all his life as il prete Genovese (the Genoa priest).

Early paintings, such as The Ecstasy of St Francis show the dark emotionalism of Caravaggio. But by the second decade of the 17th century, while working in Venice, Bernardo Strozzi had synthesized a personal style which fused painterly influences of the North (including Rubens and Veronese) with a monumental, realistic starkness.

Never as dark as the Caravaggisti, Venice infused his painting with a gentler edge, a style more acceptable to the local patronage, and one derived from his precursors in Venice, Jan Lys and Domenico Fetti, who had also fused the influence of Caravaggio into Venetian art. He was also likely influenced by Velázquez who visited Genoa in 1629-30.

After a commission to paint Claudio Monteverdi Bernardo Strozzi fame grew, and his portrait paintings included many of the leading Venetians.

Art Movement: Baroque Art
Influences: Caravaggio
Influenced: Giovanni Andrea de Ferrari, Giovanni Bernardo Carbone, Valerio Castello, Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione
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