Amedeo Preziosi Malta

12-2-1816 Malta, MLT - 9-27-1882 Istanbul, TUR

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Preziosi, Amedeo

Amedeo Preziosi was attracted by the arts from early age and was taught by Giuseppe Hyzler, a very appreciated painter in Malta. While his father wanted Amedeo to study law, sending him to study at the Law School in Sorbonne, Amedeo was more interested in arts and continues his painting studies at the École des Beaux-Arts.

After his return home, Amedeo did not find in Malta a suitable environment for an artist, especially since his father disapproved his chosen career.

The earliest drawings of Istanbul are dated November 1842. Two years later, in 1844, Preziosi was commissioned by Robert Curzon, the private secretary of the British Ambassador to Istanbul, to create an album called Costumes of Constantinople, which now is located in the collections of the British Museum.

In an era when postal cards were still at their beginning and so was the photographic art, Amedeo Preziosi offered the European tourists and visitors of Istanbul drawings of the city and the surroundings. Amedeo Preziosi was proficient in the languages of the region Greek and Turkish, as well as major European languages English, French and Italian.

His workshop was routinely visited by tourists wishing to return home with a souvenir of Istanbul, and among his guests was, in April 1869, Edward VII of the United Kingdom, then the Prince of Wales, who bought several watercolors from him. In 1866, as the new Prince of Romania, Carol I visited Istanbul, he met Preziosi and invited him to Romania to make watercolors of the landscapes and people of the country.

Amedeo Preziosi came to Romania in June 1868 and began drawing scenes from Bucharest as well as several others across the country, including a few which depict Prince Carol I. The sketches he draw were later turned into watercolors in his workshop in Istanbul, which he would then sell to the Prince of Romania for prices ranging from 300 to 1200 Francs.

Amedeo Preziosi was killed by an accidental gun discharge while hunting. He was buried in the Catholic cemetery of Yesilköy, Istanbul

Art Movement: Orientalism Art
Influences: Giuseppe Hyzler
Traveled: France, Turkey, Egypt, Romania
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