Alfred Wierusz Kowalski Poland

10-11-1849 Suwalki, POL - 2-16-1915 Munich, GER

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Kowalski, Alfred Wierusz

Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski settled in Munich in 1873 just after his studies in Warsaw and Dresden. He studied for a year at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and then under Josef Brandt. His paintings which received medals at numerous exhibitions where sought-after by collectors and German art dealers.

In 1890 he was nominated as an honorary professor of the Munich Academy. He painted generic and historical scenes. After his journey to Morocco in 1903 he also undertook oriental themes. His paintings sparsely can be found in collections of Polish museums. Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski paintings where sold mostly on the German market and turned up in private collections in Germany and the United States.

His images, embedded deep in domestic subjects, depicting scenes of small settlements and towns, often depicted with humor and a hint of irony. Above all the dramatic attacks wolves on people traveling on sleighs and horses crazed with fear, had great success. Popular for decades, the artist created in a massive, almost craftlike studio. In his studio he hired young painters who madet copies of his most famous works, which he then put the finishing touches and were signed by his own name.

Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski's Lone Wolf print was one of the most reproduced prints of the 20th century

Movement: Realism
Influences: Raphael Hadziewicz, Alexander Wagner
Traveled: Germany, Morocco
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