Adolfo Lozano Sidro Spain

1-21-1872 Priego, ESP - 11-7-1935 Priego, ESP

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Sidro, Adolfo Lozano

Adolfo Lozano Sidro, Spanish painter born in Priego de Córdoba. In late 1885 he moved to Málaga with his family and completed his basic studies there. Beginning in 1888, begins its studies in art studios at the School of Fine Arts in Malaga at the age of fifteen. Later he moved to Granada where he began studying law but leaves this study to become a painter.

By 1892 Sidro has a definite style, characterized by their bright palette and its preciousness in details. Proof of this is the exhibition held in Córdoba, where he gets a great success. From 1893 he moved to Madrid returning to his studies with Moreno Carbonero and Joaquín Sorolla. His dedication is exclusively painting.

He collaborates regularly as an illustrator for the magazine Black and White, the newspaper ABC. His brilliant style it the chronicler of high society.

In 1897 he obtains Honorable Mention in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts. In 1910, he obtained the third medal and in 1916 the silver medal at the International Exhibition of Panama.

His paintings, however, hide a criticism portraying classes; by contrast, the same attention to detail applies to portray the common people and ennoble the work of these people. In 1920 he performed at the request of the granddaughter of Juan Valera, a series of 20 watercolors to illustrate Pepita Jimenez.

Although working in Madrid, he never forget his roots, returning summers to his native Priego.

Art Movement: Realism

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