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famous artists biographY

famous artist biographies

We can reproduce any oil painting, please contact us with your request for a price quote

The biographies about the famous and infamous world artists represented on this web site, will inform, shock, make you happy and make you sad, it will inspire you and teach you about their lives as artists.

There is a common thread running through many of the biographies, one of linking one artist with another through their: collaborations, exhibitions, teachings, support, travels, ideas or friendships.

Some of the artists were poor, some sold only a few paintings during their lifetime, others sold none. Some were alcoholics, others depressed, unstable individuals. Some made it and others did not. Many started their art careers young and some died young. Some became world famous artists in their lifetime, others would become world famous artists only upon their death and yet others many, many years later.

Surprisingly, many started out copying other famous artists of their time or making oil painting reproductions of the old masters to support themselves, just as we do today with unknown but talented future world artists.

One thing is clear about all their artistic lives, as some even gave up successful careers in other fields to pursue their passion and love of art and oil painting. Even though hardships, poverty, despair, ridicule and uncertainty in their lives, they never gave up their passion to do what they were destined to do. Paint some of the worlds most famous artwork masterpieces and influence the lives of countless others. Their names are world famous and oil paintings they could sometimes hardly give away, now are bought for millions of dollars. But more importantly, they all must be very happy to know, people worldwide are enjoying and appreciating their artwork.

Hand painted museum oil painting reproductions on canvas is what The Worlds Artist does. Art reproduction has been around for centuries, in fact many of these famous artists did it as part of their artistic training. Besides the famous artist oil painting reproductions we do pet portraits, estate home portraits and custom family portraiture oil painting from photos. We honor their work and creativity by being able to do quality oil painting reproductions of the oil paintings they put their heart and soul into.

Enjoy the story of their lives and their artwork.

Paul Cezanne, Still Life with Curtain and Flowered Pitcher

Jean Guillaumin, Creuse at Crozant

Wassily Kandinsky, Autumn in Bavaria

Claude Monet, Landscape: Parc Monceau

Franz Marc, Kochel in Winter

Vincent Van Gogh, Paysage avec une maison et un laboureur

famous artist biography

Paul Cezanne

Jean Guillaumin

Wassily Kandinsky

Claude Monet

Franz Marc

Vincent Van Gogh

Carl Frederic Aagaard

Hovhannes Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Sophie Gengembre Anderson

Giovanni Bellini

Bernardo Bellotto

Albert Bierstadt

Adolphe-William Bouguereau

William Bradford

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Gustave Caillebotte

Giovanni Antonio Canaletto

Mary Cassatt

Paul Cezanne

William Merritt Chase

Frederic Edwin Church

Thomas Cole

John Constable

Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

Jacques-Louis David

Edgar Hilaire-Germain Degas

Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix

Thomas Eakins

Ignace Henri Jean Theodore Fantin-Latour

Caspar David Friedrich

Paul Eugene-Henri Gauguin

Jean-Leon Gerome

El Greco (Domenikos Theotocopoulos)

John Atkinson Grimshaw

Juan Gris

Armand Jean-Baptiste Guillaumin

Martin Johnson Heade

David Hockney

Winslow Homer

Edward Hopper

Jan van Huysum

Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres

Frida Kahlo

Vasily Vasilyvich Wassily Kandinsky

Paul Klee

Gustav Klimt

Louis Aston Knight

Lord Frederick Leighton

August Robert Ludwig Macke

Rene Francois Ghislain Magritte

Kazimir Severinovich Malevich

Edouard Manet

Franz Marc

Henri Emile-Benoit Matisse

Joan Miro Ferra

Amedeo Modigliani

Claude Oscar Monet

Peder Mork Monsted

Edvard Munch

Georgia O'Keeffe

Francis Marie Martinez Picabia

Jacob-Abraham Camille Pissarro

Jackson Pollock

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Diego Rivera

Paul Durand-Ruel

John Singer Sargent

Alfred Sisley

Theodore Clement Steele

Johan Frederik (Frits) Thaulow

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

John Mallord William Turner

Vincent Willem Van Gogh

Diego Rodriguez de Silva Velazquez

Johannes Vermeer van Delft

John William Waterhouse

Anders Zorn

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Every oil painting reproduction is a 100% hand painted oil painting on canvas done in the traditional manner.

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